July 29, 2021

Amy Yasbeck says John Ritter’s true legacy is ‘saving lives’

Amy Yasbeck has a vault of stories about life with husband John Ritter — the beloved Three’s Company and 8 Simple Rules star who died from an undetected aortic dissection on Sept. 11, 2003 — but she’s not here to retell them. Her purpose since his sudden death has been to protect others from his fate.

“There are a lot of ways of keeping John’s memory and spirit alive,” Yasbeck tells Yahoo Entertainment. “My job is to keep people’s aortas alive.”

It’s Aortic Dissection Awareness Week and the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health, founded by Yasbeck, and Genetic Aortic Disorders Association Canada organized a week of free virtual events to educate and connect patients, caregivers and doctors. It culminates in a big event Saturday with leading experts, workshops and support groups, which they are still registering for.

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