July 29, 2021

Absolutely foul play’: Mother of Houston Instagram star Alexis Sharkey wants answers after daughter found dead

HOUSTON – The last time they talked, Stacey Robinault and her Instagram star daughter, Alexis Sharkey, were planning Christmas in Pennsylvania.

“We haven’t seen her since last Christmas and that’s the longest we’ve ever gone,” Robinault said. “We were desperate to see her and excited to see her.”

Sharkey, the oldest of three sisters, grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, graduated summa cum laude with a biology degree and planned to apply to medical school.

“Then, she took a year off, and that year knocked her onto a different path, which happens,” Robinault said.

Sharkey moved to West Texas, where she met and married Tom Sharkey and became a full-time social media influencer. They moved to Houston in January.

“She loved what she did,” Robinault said. “She had been working with an online company and was selling all health-based haircare and body-care products.”

Robinault’s nightmare began on Saturday night when her daughter’s husband and friends called to say Sharkey was missing and that they had reported her disappearance to Houston police.

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