July 27, 2021

‘A senator from Iowa should know the price of soybeans’: Republican faces awkward moment at debates

Call it an uncanny situation.

Asked a simple question about the current price of soybeans during the final senate debate in Iowa on Thursday night, Senator Joni Ernst — who touts her upbringing on a family farm along the campaign trail — was left looking confused and fumbling.

A clip of the moment from the debate has since gone viral, showing one of the moderators asking the Republican incumbent: “I don’t think you answered my question — what’s the breakeven price for soybeans in Iowa?”

“You grew up on a farm,” he added. “You should know this.”

Just before the clip started, Ms Ernst had already been asked once for the price of soybeans in her home state. She instead began discussing the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement passed under President Donald Trump, and how she said it positively impacted the corn industry in Iowa.

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