July 27, 2021

A rare two-faced cat named Biscuits and Gravy was born in Oregon

Biscuits and Gravy has died, the kitten’s owner said in a Facebook post shared Sunday. “He was born with the longest of odds and by living nearly 4 days, he beat those odds,” the post read.

An Oregon cat gave birth to a brood of six kittens Wednesday, including what appears to be a rarity — a cat with two faces.

Kyla King, of Albany, Oregon, told KOIN-TV in Portland that having the two-faced kitten was like having “6-1/3 kitty cats.” She named the cat Biscuits and Gravy, or just Biscuit for short.

Biscuit eats and breathes from two separate mouths and noses. Sometimes, King told KOIN-TV, it would meow from one mouth while eating with the other at the same time.

It’s unclear, though, whether it has four eyes or if two of them are conjoined.

Cats with two faces, while rare, are not unheard of: They’re known as “Janus” cats, named after the Roman god with two faces.

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