July 24, 2021

A doctor tested her oxygen levels and heart rate while wearing face masks to show they don’t make it hard to breathe

Face masks are recommended, if not required, in public settings throughout the US to protect wearers from contracting or spreading the novel coronavirus.

That’s because they work. A recent study out of the UK, for example, showed that mandates to wear masks could be enough to contain an outbreak without a lockdown.

Case reports have illustrated their effectiveness too, with two infected (and masked) hairstylists able to do their jobs on 140 masked customers without spreading the illness.

But some Americans are pushing back, saying they’re unable to breathe while wearing a mask or pointing to bunk science claims that the strips of fabric limit wearers’ oxygen intake.

A doctor set out to prove them wrong. In an experiment she documented on Facebook, Megan Hall wore four different masks, each for five minutes, while testing her oxygen saturation and heart rate.

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