Bears fans showed Matt Nagy the door following second-half collapse vs. Vikings
Bears fans showed Matt Nagy the door following second-half collapse vs. Vikings

Matt Nagy’s final game as head coach of the Chicago Bears — a 31-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings — was a fitting tribute to everything that’s gone right and wrong during his four-year tenure.

The Bears benefited from strong defense and failed to take advantage on offense in the first half, carrying a 14-3 lead heading into the third quarter. But it was a completely different game in the second half as Chicago collapsed and was outscored 28-3.

Nagy made some questionable and infuriating decisions, including failing to hand the ball to running back David Montgomery on fourth-and-1 on three separate occasions. It was a trademark of the things Bears fans have come to know well about Nagy: the offense struggled, the quarterback especially, and he ignored the run game when it mattered.

As everything collapsed around the end of Chicago’s finale against Minnesota, Bears fans were more than ready to show Nagy the door and move forward with a new head coach, yet to be determined.

This is the way the Matt Nagy era ends
This is the way the Matt Nagy era ends
This is the way the Matt Nagy era ends
Not with a bang, but a whimper.

— Alex Shapiro (@AlexShapiroNBCS) January 9, 2022

That right there sums up Matt Nagy in Chicago! 4th and 1 and it turns into a broken play pick 6!!! #dabears

— Alex Acevedo (@AlexAce519) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy is just a big dummy and doesn't know any better. See ya, buddy.

— Flo Ottis (@flo_ottis) January 9, 2022

This team is embarrassing.

4th and 1 calls…three times now are the picture Matt Nagy has painted for his career.

— Rob Schwarz Jr. (@ChiRuxinBGO) January 9, 2022

Sorry, NOW it's a fitting ending

— Alyssa Barbieri (@AlyssaBarbieri) January 9, 2022

I’m driving EVERYONE to the airport!

— Silvy (@WaddleandSilvy) January 9, 2022

My expectations for this game were very low but leave it to Nagy and Andy to surprise me!

— DaWindyCity Productions (@dwcprodz) January 9, 2022

Is this game over yet? #Bears

— Jarrett Payton (@paytonsun) January 9, 2022

— Jason McKie (@Jmack37) January 9, 2022

…and fourth down play, Pick 6 is how a season and an era may likely end. Weirdly fitting. #Bears

— Larry Hawley (@HawleySports) January 9, 2022

It just keeps getting worse. Dalton hit & throws another INT. Dalton & Nagy going out with a bang in Minnesota today. #Bears

— Aaron Leming (@AaronLemingNFL) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy: “We’re gonna have some fun out there Sunday!”

What Matt Nagy really meant:
If the previous three years weren’t enough, I’m going to show the world in one game how bad my offense is.

— Silvy (@WaddleandSilvy) January 9, 2022

What a perfect end to the Matt Nagy era. A pick six by Andy Dalton & another INT

— Da TailGate Show ™️ (@DaTailGateShow) January 9, 2022

Now, the only question is what time is Matt Nagy informed his fate, and what happens to Ryan Pace

— Bear Goggles On (@BearGogglesOn) January 9, 2022

How many crimes did I commit in my past life to deserve the fate of being a #Bears fan

— Jacob Infante (@jacobinfante24) January 9, 2022

This game is a perfect emblem to the Matt Nagy coaching era: good start, awful finish.

— Barroom Network (@BarroomNetwork) January 9, 2022

It’s a fitting epitaph on Matt Nagy’s Bears coaching career. In a game nearly impossible to lose, when his defense was outstanding, Nagy got his team beat. It’s almost as if he was determined to find a way to seal his own fate?

— Hub Arkush (@Hub_Arkush) January 9, 2022

The implosion is compete. Nagy truly going out like he came in: blowing a halftime lead. #DaBears

— Sam Householder (@SamHouseholder) January 9, 2022

Remember when Matt Nagy said they were going to go out and have some fun out there today?#DaBears

— Rob Schwarz Jr. (@ChiRuxinBGO) January 9, 2022

When you go to collect the Pizza for the 2nd half of a Bears game.

— Bearlissimo (@Bearlissimo1) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy is like a Madden player who keeps running the same plays over and over because it worked one time. But hasn't worked in years.

— Adam Rank (@adamrank) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy going out in the most Matt Nagy way he could.

— Scott Colesby (@ScottColesby) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy to Joe Judge
“Hold my beer”

— Tommy Bouteiller (@tommy82108) January 9, 2022

Remember when Matt Nagy said "I'm not an idiot." What an ice cold take that was.

— Tanner (@oleuncleT) January 9, 2022

I want matt nagy fired within 15 mins of the end of this game this team STINKS

— BRICK FLAIR AKA D’HANDSOME (@Trevantula) January 9, 2022

Andy Dalton and Matt Nagy on the way out of Chicago

— Bassist AKA John (@Bassist_2112) January 9, 2022

One of the worst second half performances I have ever watched. Perfectly rounds out the Matt Nagy era. #Bears

— Noah Osen (@NoahOsen) January 9, 2022

Thank God this is the last game Matt Nagy will be coaching for #dabears be happy

— #FireTedPhillips (@bearswhitesoxx) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy, The End of an Error.

— Mike Pusateri (@mikepusateri) January 9, 2022

Matt Nagy. When the Bears team plane departs without him.

— Nate. (@THEnatelewis) January 9, 2022

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