Prince Harry and Prince William head-to-head once again
Prince Harry and Prince William head-to-head once again

Experts have provided light on Prince William’s knee-jerk reaction to Prince Harry’s admissions in the African documentary. Rebecca English, the royal editor, was behind this accusation.

The entire conversation was captured in the documentary William & Kate: Too Good To Be True.

“I know William watched this interview with a mixture of astonishment and fear,” Ms. English started off.

“Harry was essentially spreading their dirty laundry in public, and I’m sure he thought long and hard about what to do.”

Former writer Richard Kay also stepped in before the end of the conversation to comment. He commented on Prince Harry’s “deep grasp” of Prince William’s future role as King of England.

“No one understands more than Harry, of the kind of life William, has ahead of him.” When the moment came, William had every expectation and reason to believe Harry would be there to support him. Now it appears that he will not be.”

Seems like trouble in Paradise will not stop anytime soon either. The feud between the royal brothers and their families just keeps on increasing day after day. Will they solve their differences or will it be the start of the end for the British Royals? Only time can tell…

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