PUBG New State is Getting a New Map, Cosmetics, and Gear
PUBG New State is Getting a New Map, Cosmetics, and Gear

PUBG is celebrating the start of the new year with a major update to New State, its latest edition of the popular Battle Royale game. PUBG New State will be getting a brand new map and new gear to use during gameplay.

The news came from PUBG’s Twitter account which shared teasers over the week on the upcoming update. The company has shared three images of the upcoming map which show us what to expect. The map will have a mix of plains, hills, woods, as well as modern buildings, and a central city tower. It will be a large map divided by a river flowing across the center.

Other than the new map, PUBG has also teased “new tools” and “tactical gear” coming with the January 2022 update. In the teaser video, a drone can be seen spying on an enemy team grabbing loot in a building. This will probably be a manually deployable drone that can mark the location of enemy players on contact.

The video does not show much else, but there will likely be more “tactical gear” once the update rolls out. Check out the video

As with every new PUBG update, we also expect to see a range of new cosmetics, but the company has not talked about it yet. PUBG New State’s January 2022 update is dropping next week on Jan 12

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