Dictatorship only solution to Pakistan’s woes, says Hassan Nisar
Dictatorship only solution to Pakistan’s woes, says Hassan Nisar

Firebrand political commentator and columnist Hassan Nisar on Monday came under fire after he called for imposing an authoritarian rule in the country for at least 15 years, which he said was the only solution to the country’s chronic issues.

“Those who demand democracy [should be executed] by firing squad and their families should be made to pay for the bullets,” he said while speaking to a local TV channel.

The renowned columnist went on to say that only a “tyrant ruler” can fix the system of the country “from primary education to population management”.

Apparently referring to scions of Bhutto and Sharif families, Nisar angrily said, “Are these children going to take over the country and run it?”

When asked if he was proposing to impose dictatorship in the country, Nissar responded that, “there is no other option other than [dictatorship] or the destruction will cross all limits”.

The show host then asked the firebrand analyst whether Prime Minister Imran Khan be given another five years to rule as he opposes dictatorship and advocates democracy. “I believe that he [PM Imran] too should be given another five years which is our moral duty,” he responded.

However, his controversial views triggered a backlash from netizens with many calling to ban him from appearing in TV shows “for spreading fascism”.

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