Complaint filed against Vicky Kaushal resolved; cops say ‘Nothing illegal’
Complaint filed against Vicky Kaushal resolved; cops say ‘Nothing illegal’

A complaint was lodged against Vicky Kaushal by a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh for the apparent unlawful use of his number plate in a movie.

The complaint was recorded after pictures of the actor traveling a bike during a shoot with Sara Ali Khan went viral on social media.

Complainant Jai Singh Yadav said: “I don’t know if the film unit is aware of it but this is illegal. They can’t use my number plate without permission. I have given a memorandum at the station. Action should be taken in the matter”.

The cops have treated the report that there was nothing criminal about the matter as the said bike and number plate belonged to a member from the production house. However, it was considered a case of confusion because of a bolt that made number 1 look like 4.

Rajendra Soni, sub-inspector of Bangangan said, “During the investigation of the number plate, we found out that all misunderstanding was caused by the bolt fixed on the number plate. Due to that bolt, the number one is looking like number four. The number used in the movie sequence belongs to the movie production. Hence nothing illegal had been found out in our investigation”.

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