China to give women right to decide on caesarean birth
China to give women right to decide on caesarean birth

BEIJING: China will give pregnant women the right to chose a caesarean birth for babies even if husbands object, state media reported on Tuesday, one of the latest steps to safeguard women’s rights in a society in which traditions can play a powerful role.

China’s top law-making body, the standing committee of parliament, is meeting this week to discuss bills, including a draft amendment to the Women’s Rights and Interests Protection Law, which was first passed in 1992.

He Yiting, a parliament official for societal issues, said that while the law had been in place for years, some old problems had not been resolved while some new ones had arisen as society and the economy progressed, the Beijing News reported.

Currently, a hospital can only let a pregnant women deliver by caesarean section if her husband approves.

Under the law, women are supposed to enjoy equal rights but in reality their options and decisions on getting married, having children or having a career are often constrained by pressure from the family or authorities.

For decades China imposed a tough one-child policy aimed at limiting population growth.

Some Chinese families believe that caesarean-sections can harm the baby and the mother will take longer to recover from the birth, possibly delaying the time when she’s ready to have another baby.

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