Singer Zohaib Hassan files counter claim Rs2 billion damages against Ishtiaq Baig
Singer Zohaib Hassan files counter claim Rs2 billion damages against Ishtiaq Baig
Zohaib Hassan Nazia Hassan

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Monday issued notice to renowned businessman Mirza Ishtiaq Baig on a lawsuit for damages of two billion rupees filed by famous Zohaib Hassan, a popular singer of 1980s.

The plaintiff Zohaib Hassan in the plea submitted that her sister Nazia Hassan had got divorced on April 24, 2000 from Baig by exercising her delegated right in Nikanama.

The plaintiff stated that she had executed divorced deed in presence of two witnesses and which was duly attested. In this regard the plaintiff claimed that a divorced certificate was issued by the secretary union council-41 Bhutta Village Keamari District on March 19, 2008.

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant Baig issued defamatory, derogatory and scandalous statements to media while disputing authenticity of the divorce and different documents related to it in November 2021.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant was issued legal notice and asked to retract his statements and tender an unconditional apology to the plaintiff and his family but the notice went responded.

The plaintiff sought two billion rupees in damages from the defendant for causing irreparable damage to his honor, dignity and repute.

A single bench comprising Justice Hassan Azhar Rizvi after hearing the counsel for the plaintiff issued notice to defendant and ordered to fix this lawsuit along with a lawsuit earlier filed by Mriza Ishtiaq Baig against Zohaib Hassan.

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