Only Imran Khan can resolve Kashmir issue: PM AJK Abdul Qayyum Niazi
Only Imran Khan can resolve Kashmir issue: PM AJK Abdul Qayyum Niazi
Abdul Qayyum Niazi Elected 13th Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi said on Monday that only Pakistani premier Imran Khan can resolve the Kashmir issue.

Speaking in a press conference at the Kashmir House, he said that he was also called at the OIC conference held in Islamabad. “It is being said that Kashmir was not discussed in the conference. I want to give my point of view on it. PM Imran is raising Kashmir and Palestine issue effectively.”

Kashmir issue is really important and it should always be highlighted.

The media should highlight the Indian state’s war crimes.

Kashmir is discussed at multiple intervals, the OIC needs to give due importance on the issue, he said. “The plebiscite is a big issue on table in the UN.”

He said that PM Imran played a substantive role to avoid a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and only he has the skill and potential to resolve Kashmir crisis. “The Indian state is changing demography of Kashmir. We have to raise pressure on India to give ease to Kashmiris.”

In Afghanistan people are dying of hunger, in Kashmir they are dying from bullets, he said. PM AJK Niazi requested PM Imran to call an in-camera session on Kashmir.

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