Moola Chotok – The iconic dreamland
Moola Chotok – The iconic dreamland

Moola Chotok is a paradise hidden in Khuzdar, Balochistan. Although most of Balochistan is covered with dry hills, Moola Chotok takes that quality of the province and turns it exceptional. With clean, blue water paired with clear, cloudy sky, Moola Chotok is a place filled with adventures.

The word Chotok, derived from local Brahui and Balochi languages, is utilized for signifying certain type of water falling from the sky. Featuring a range of beautiful waterfalls, the place is named Moola Chotok (Moola Waterfall).

What is Expect:

Moola Chotok features a small waterfall surrounded by beautiful mountains. The high-adventure road trip after reaching Khuzdar is a tad tiresome, but the surrounding nature combined with the soothing sounds of running water offer you a pleasant welcome. It is only when you are ready to trek that you find the paradise within, the blue-water filled pond leading to the main waterfall – a stunning escapade.

What to Carry:

The place requires everything a remote place demands. It is recommended to carry all the necessities of the day, and the basic items required to stay at a hotel. With the routes being so rough and the place located in a remote area, make sure to carry all the camping equipment alongside the cooking station.

What to Discover:

Moola Chotok offers a vast variety of activities and sightseeing. The main attraction points of the place include star gazing, water streams, waterfalls, bonfire, camping, and trekking.

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