Look out – Here Comes the Spider-Man
Look out – Here Comes the Spider-Man

If the best time to read about Spider-Man is just before the release of a new Spider-Man film, what’s the best time to read about his enemies? Before the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home that features not just one but as many as five super-villains. For Marvel Spider-Man: The Insider’s Guide will take you down memory lane and tell you everything you need to know about your friendly neighborhood superhero!

From Spider-Man’s well-known origin to the latest development in the Spider-Verse, this book covers everything that involves the web-slinger. We all know that he was bit by a radioactive spider, but how many of us know that his parents were CIA agents who were killed in the line of duty? Not many. Similarly, we know it was Spidey’s casualness that caused the biggest casualty in his life but had it not been for him, Aunt May might not have found the right partner after Uncle Ben.  And if you didn’t know who her partner was, you need to update your Spidey-sense!

While these are some of the things that this book brings to the fore about Spider-Man, it is as in-depth when it comes to his friends and foes. A lot has been said and written about his many super-hero and non-superhero friends, but the villains have usually been kept in the dark, for obvious reasons. This book takes you into their dark world and shows you the many reasons why they each hate Spider-Man and why they blame him for whatever disaster they faced that made them a super villain.

What made Green Goblin hate the best friend of his alter-ego’s son, why the Lizard wishes to hurt the friendly neighborhood superhero, how Mobius and Venom are related to Spider-Man, and why Daily Bugle’s J Jonah Jameson is against the youngest superhero in the Marvel Universe, this book discloses everything about these bad guys as well as their sidekicks and facilitators. Add to that Spider-Man’s many associations with fellow superheroes including Dr. Strange and the Fantastic Four, and you will get an idea of how things will shape up in the latest Spider-Man flick.

It is because of this book that the readers would get to know why the character of Spider-Man was created in the first place. Why it was made to stand out in the world of more powerful, more charismatic, and more mature superheroes. Who else to tell you about those reasons than Stan Lee, the co-creator of the character, who came up with the idea of a superhero who was from the public, and had issues like people of his age. Since he was made for teenagers, Peter Parker felt everything a teenager does, and it is that connection that made him popular amongst readers, who had not previously seen a teenaged superhero, just sidekicks.

And then there were the girls who came into Peter’s life and added colour to it. Don’t be surprised to know that he had other girlfriends besides Mary Jane Watson, for he experienced heartbreak when he lost Gwen Stacy, and why he rated Betty Brant and Liz Allen more than just friends. And yes, his life revolved around one girl – Aunt May – from the day he became Spider-Man to the night she survived a deadly attack later in her life. She is not just his motivation to do good but also to bring a change in the world, so that she can live in peace than die like Uncle Ben.

This book has been compiled like a comic-book guide, where everything is illustrated, and documented in chronological order. How the character of Spider-Man has changed over the years is just one aspect this guide covers for it highlights his biggest battles, his biggest problems, and his biggest achievements.  If you didn’t know that there was a time when the whole world including Peter Parker believed that he was a clone, or that he went on secret missions at night when he donned the black suit, you need to get your hands on this guide.

Is it important to go through this guide before going into the cinema for the third flick in the Spider-Man franchise where Tom Holland dons the costume, or can it be avoided? Well if you want to waste the time of the person sitting next to you in the theatre by asking him Spider-Man-related questions, then sure you can avoid it. But if you want the person who everyone looks up to in the cinema for answers, dig deep into this insider’s guide and know all there is to know about your favorite superhero. You will not be disappointed for this guide will ‘guide’ you through the reasons behind Peter Parker’s decision to approach Dr. Strange, and how did he tackle so many superheroes alone.

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