Smart device brand OPPO unveils foldable flagship phone
Smart device brand OPPO unveils foldable flagship phone
A view of OPPO's phone launching ceremony. — Screengrab via YouTube video

LAHORE: A leading global smart device brand unveiled its foldable flagship phone, Oppo Find N at INNO Day 2021, here on Thursday claiming that the phone was immaculately designed after four years of research and six generations of prototypes until it matched company’s standard.

“The phone we have showcased today is the first foldable phone by OPPO. As experienced, it has a large 7.1" screen which gives a beautiful experience while watching videos, movies, or listening to music,” said OPPO's marketing director for Asia Mr Kavin Hu while talking to Dawn after conclusion of the phone’s launching ceremony.

“We don’t have any intention of competing with the iPhone as we are trying to provide an affordable, beautiful and innovative device in Pakistan. The competition is to provide the best foldable experience,” he explained.

Earlier speaking to the audience, the company’s chief product officer Pete Lau said that new form factors are ushering in an exciting new time in smartphone technology.

“We has invested a significant amount of time and effort into coming up with a better approach to a foldable smartphone, experimenting with a range of form factors, hinge designs, display materials and aspect ratios,” he added.

While the device will be initially available in China, this is the first time that OPPO has exclusively brought their premium device in Pakistan at the same time as the global unveiling.

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