How did Shahnawaz Dahani prepare for his maiden T20i match? With a loving call to his mother of course
How did Shahnawaz Dahani prepare for his maiden T20i match? With a loving call to his mother of course
Photo: Shahnawaz Dahani/Instagram

While all our eyes have been on Pakistan's on-field performance against Bangladesh these days, we'd like to divert your attention to one Shahnawaz Dahani who made his T20i debut in the Pakistan versus Bangladesh match today. It was a big day for young Dahani and the cricketer marked the occasion with a loving call to his mother.

The 23-year-old was incredibly happy about his T20i debut and proudly let his followers know that this achievement was solely because of his mother's prayers for him.

The cricketer's love for his mother became even more obvious when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shared this endearing video of Dahani's phone call with his mother before the match. You can hear a jubilant Dahani receiving lots of love and prayers from his even more jubilant mother.

The cricketer's fans were ecstatic about his debut match and wished him well.

He's already grabbed some fans from across the border as well.

We firmly believe Dahani has amassed fans because of his endearing acts throughout the ICC Men's T20 World Cup. This wholesome man spreads love, light and sportsmanship wherever he goes.

Here's Dahani embracing Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan after a tense match between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Who can forget the moment Dahani pushed past cross-border rivalries and had a huge fan boy moment with Indian cricketer MS Dhoni?

He also spread love and cake amongst Scottish players when the Pakistani team visited Scotland's dressing room after their match.

Is it any wonder that Dahani is called "Pakistan's foreign minister" by fans?

We would challenge you to get yourself a cricket player who's more loveable than young Dahani but we know you won't find anyone like him. Congratulations Dahani on the start of your intentional cricket journey!

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