SSRL funds relocation of hundreds of families affected by Thar coal project
SSRL funds relocation of hundreds of families affected by Thar coal project

KARACHI: The Sino Sindh Resources Private Limited (SSRL), a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, claimed on Thursday that it has fully funded the relocation of hundreds of families that were affected by the Thar Block-1 project.

An SSRL spokesman claimed that his employers would compensate close to 450 families from two local villages in Thar Block-1. He added that families will be relocated outside the mining area of Thar Block-1.

SSRL is working on a Coal-electricity integration project in Block 1 of the Thar coalfield, which is a “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” priority implementation project. It includes the construction and operation of an open-pit coal mine with an annual output of 7.8 million tonnes and two 660MW supercritical lignite power station. SSRL is the sole operator of the 7.8 Mtpa Open-pit Coal Mine project.
The population from the villages of Wervai and Tilwayo, had to be relocated as the houses were located in the mining area. After consultations with the people of the two villages, it was agreed that they will be paid cash compensation for moving.

A total number of 266 families from Wervai and 184 families from Tilwayo will get compensation. Cash compensation for each family is Rs4.25 million. Most of the villagers have already built their houses outside the mining area while some have used the remaining cash to start businesses.

“We are pleased to facilitate the relocation of the local villagers. They have started moving into their new homes. Some of them are also starting new businesses. Our main aim is to work with the locals of Thar to create our future together,” said Li Jigen, CEO of Sino Sindh Resources Private Limited (SSRL).

SSRL has also funded development work in the areas where the families have relocated by paving roads, providing solar street lights and building a school, mosque and temple. Each family has received power connections while SSRL is trying to ensure that water supply is given to the residents.

”We have built big houses ourselves using the money provided as compensation by SSRL against our old Choras (local traditional Hut). I am very happy that SSRL has chosen to build our colony as their model village and provided us with great facilities like asphalt roads, school, mosque,” said Bashir Lanjo, a local villager.

Kewal, a resident of Meghwar Paro Warvai, said that the money he received from SSRL not only helped him build new houses, but it also helped him in starting a business in Islamkot.

“Now we are not compelled to other cities like Karachi in search of jobs,” he said.

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