How to set parental controls on an iPhone
How to set parental controls on an iPhone

Our children are surrounded by different types of technology these days, but with the increasing digitalization parents are scared for the children access to it.

Your child might have access to the new iPhone all times, but it’s important to bound access to their friends on social media and every other site on the web.

Here’s how to limit access and set up parental controls on a child’s iPhone.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing lets parents distantly set certain limits on how kids use their iPhones, comprising the capacity to accept purchases and limit the screen time.

  1. Go to Settings and then tap on your name.
  2. Select Family Sharing and choose Set Up Your Family.
  3. From there, follow the instructions to add your family members.

Family sharing also allow Ask to buy option, which authorizes you to approve or disapprove purchase requests from your child.

  1. In Family Sharing, go to Ask to Buy
  2. Select your child’s name and enable Ask to Buy.

Limit Screen Time your child’s iPhone

Family Sharing also enables added parental controls through the Screen Time feature and observe their use. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Settings on your device and select Screen Time.
  2. Select your child’s name under Family. You’ll pull up the menu that includes Downtime, App Limits and Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Parental controls on iPhone

Downtime: Choose when your child will have access to specific apps at precise times.

App Limits:  Set time limits for apps, so the kids aren’t using YouTube for an entire day.

Communications Restrictions: Control who they can contact and when.

Content & Privacy Boundaries: Content & Privacy Limits, you can restrict a variety of actions on the iPhone:

  • Access to built-in apps and features: Tap Allowed Apps and choose which apps you want to restrict for your child.
  • Content review: Click on Movies, Books and TV Shows to stop them from watching R-rated content, explicit books and adult television shows.
  • Access to web content: Go to Web Content and stop kids from viewing adult websites and limit access to PBS Kids or Disney.
  • Siri web searches: Control Siri, stop Siri from searching the web or exhibiting explicit language.
  • Gaming: Check the Game Center. You can set limits on multiplayer games, prevent kids from adding or connecting with friends and block private messaging, among other activities.

Once the limits are set, create a special Screen Time Passcode by tapping on that phrase, “Screen Time Passcode”. It will ask to set a four-digit passcode.

These restrictions on your child’s phone will help you control the access to the content that is not healthy for your child.

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