Enomad Uno: A Portable Hydropower Generator for Hikers
Enomad Uno: A Portable Hydropower Generator for Hikers

Have you ever experimented with the renewable energy? If the initial answer is negative then you might want to take a look at the new “Enomad Uno.”

This mini-turbine is easy to carry on a hike or camping trip, and it will last you even if you’re off-grid. In order to generate power with it, all that is required is running water.

The Enomad team of professional designers and engineers figured that works even in low, slow-moving streams. “As a generator, it produces 2.5 to 7W of energy”. “As it is suspended in water, water flow rotates the turbine. The rotation enables the generator to generate electricity. It works well even in a weak current or behind your kayak.”

The lightweight turbine produces and supplies sufficient power to charge any USB device you connect to it. The device can power up to three smartphones or tablets and if the running water is available near the device can be able to recharge!

Once you are back on grid, you can increase the Enomad Uno’s battery life by plugging it again and it’s good to be used again. That makes it a suitable choice for a backup power source in the case of an emergency.

The developers recognizes that there are adequately of portable, rechargeable batteries on the market, it considers that the capability to charge using water flow makes the Enomad Uno stand out from the crowd.

“More reliable than solar and more efficient than wind, water is one of the world’s most powerful renewable energy resources, and it’s all around us,” reads the company website. “Enomad Uno is chargeable by water — not only does it minimize the environmental impact of your energy consumption, but it allows users to take an active role in experiencing how energy is produced and used.”

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