Hindutva ideology may harm India’s neighbours, warns former envoy Hussain Haroon
Hindutva ideology may harm India’s neighbours, warns former envoy Hussain Haroon

KARACHI: Former Pakistani Ambassador to United Nations Hussain Haroon warned that “Hindutva ideology” is not just destroying India but may harm its neighbouring countries as well, said a press release.

“Pakistan needs to go through United Nations Security Council’s resolutions with other peace-loving powerful nations and apply the same forcefully for Kashmir dispute. Otherwise, Hindutva ideology is not only destroying India but also harmful for its neighboring countries,” remarked the former caretaker foreign minister at a webinar on “India on a slippery slope” hosted by Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR).

The seminar was chaired by Admiral (retd) Khalid Mir and moderated by Saleem Zamindar.
Hussain Haroon warned that the Hindutva forces “could tear apart India”. However, he urged that Pakistan “should carry on what” it can do via highlighting the issue in the security council.

“Pakistan needs to take Kashmir issue on relevant international forums including UN Security Council. We were inconsistent, which harmed this struggle” said Haroon.

On the other hand, former Pakistani envoy Abdul Basit said that the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in India had “marginalised minorities”.

“This can be witnessed by the steps of demolition of mosques, Gujrat massacre, recent legislations like citizenship act and revoking special status of Kashmir,” said Basit. India’s attempted attack on the Balakot area of Pakistan was also a “very dangerous act in the nuclear environment”, he warned.

“It is now for the people of India to get rid of it, if they wished to continue as a successful state. Muslims and other minorities in India do not want continuous sufferings. It is also a big impediment for regional cooperation,” remarked Basit.

Brigadier retired Tariq Khalil remarked that “with the passage of time” the “intifada in Kashmir has turned their struggle into new dimensions”.

“A new phenomenon in Kashmir has started that they are now looking towards China,” said the former army officer.

In his concluding remarks, Commodore (retd) Sadeed Malik said that it appears that BJP’s election victory in 2019 has put India on a “slippery slope”.

“[India] has been a long standing democracy which has its checks and balances; the situation needs to be seen as what could a patriotic Indian feels and how would they react upon the actions taken by the Modi government,” said Malik.

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