This is how you can turn on the 2-step Google verification privacy setting
This is how you can turn on the 2-step Google verification privacy setting

A few days back, the search giant announced that it will automatically turn-on the 2-step verification feature on its users’ Google accounts. Google, in order to respect privacy and provide safety to its users, will forcefully enable the new 2-step privacy tool by the end of the year 2021.

Those who haven’t enabled the additional log-in step, are recommended to do so beforehand. Otherwise, they will receive a notification from the company in the form of email or message, 7 days before it auto-enables the feature.

The two-factor authentication is known for providing an extra layer of safety after the user successfully signs in the device. However, the users can disable it later if they want.

Let us show you how to enable it manually,

  • Sign in your Google account, and click on the ‘Manage your Google Account’ option located below your user name and email address.
  • Head to the navigation panel just as a new window appears, and go to ‘Security’.
  • Now scroll down and click on ‘2-Step Verification’ option right under ‘Signing in to Google’.
  • A new window for 2-Step Verification will appear, where you can scroll down and click on the blue ‘Get Started’ box.
  • Continue by entering the password of your Google account and follow the instructions mentioned on your screen.
  • You will later receive a code on in the form of message or voice call, on the number that you provide as an alternative contact source.
  • You can tap ‘Turn On’, once you type the code you receive and you are good to go!

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