Pandora Papers: 8 retired military officers to face probe
Pandora Papers: 8 retired military officers to face probe

ISLAMABAD: Eight retired military officials named in Pandora Papers leaks (two directly and close family members of the remaining 6) will be investigated by a three-member high level investigation cell constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While talking to Business Recorder on condition of anonymity, sources said that any offence relating to national security is tried under the Pakistan Military Act; however in this instance as the 8 officials are retired they will be investigated by civilian authorities and, if found guilty, face a trial under civil law unless the offence, if any, took place during their military service.

The eight accused are as follows: (i) Maj Gen Nusrat Naeem (Retd), ISI's onetime director general of counter intelligence, (ii) son of Lt Gen Muzaffar Afzal (Retd), (iii) two sons of Air Chief Marshal Abbas Khattak (Retd), (iv) Sister of Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan Khattak (Reed) who is also the daughter of Lt Gen Habibullah Khatak (Retired), (v) Wife of Lt Gen Shafaat Ullah Shah (Retd), a former aide to then president Pervez Musharraf, (vi) Raja Nadir Pervez, a retired army major turned politician, (vii) Wife of Let Gen Tanvir Tahir and (viii) Son-in-law of Lt Gen Khalid Maqbool (retd) who is also a former Governor Punjab.

The sources further noted that there is a Personnel Service Directorate headed by an adjutant general and the directorate maintains a data base in which every official is bound to declare not only his assets but also the assets of his or spouse.

The sources said if the offence of any former military official is established which occurred during his service then the army may reinstate the official for the trial period as per Manual of Pakistan Military Laws and, if found guilty, will take away all perks and privileges as per law, including pension and land.

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