Unbelievable! 800 year old mobile phone discovered
Unbelievable! 800 year old mobile phone discovered
800 year old mobile phone discovered

Archaeologists and space creatures have made a unique claim, according to which they have discovered an 800-year-old mobile phone.

According to the report of Mail Online, after this claim of the experts, a new debate has started among the supporters of conspiracy theories.

Experts have found an earthenware object from Austria that resembles a modern mobile phone.

There is also something written in the letters of the ancient language on this thing which is similar to the old model mobile of Nokia.

Which is in the form of modern buttons. Due to the lack of knowledge about this language, many people are calling it a rumour.

However, those who believe in space creatures are taking it as proof of the existence of space creatures.

According to him, this 800-year-old phone is proof that space creatures came to earth.

He also said that this phone also proves the journey of past and future i.e. time travel. These people think that this model must have been made by someone who had all the information about the future.

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