Grimes claims she is still living with former beau Elon Musk despite separation
Grimes claims she is still living with former beau Elon Musk despite separation

Famed Canadian singer Grimes recently claimed that she is still living with her uber-rich beau Elon Musk despite parting ways.

Grimes Elon Musk

Clearing about Karl Marx photo shared on her Instagram, Grime wrote, “I was really stressed when paparazzi wouldn’t stop following me this wk but then I realized it was an opportunity to troll. I swear this headline omg [expletive] haha I’m dead.”

“I am not a communist…although there are some very smart ideas in this book – personally I’m more interested in a radically decentralized ubi that I think could potentially be achieved thru crypto and gaming,” she added.

“But I haven’t ironed that idea out enough yet to explain it. Regardless my opinions on politics are difficult to describe because the political systems that inspire me the most have not yet been implemented,” the singer further said.

“Anyway if paparazzi keep chasing me perhaps I will try to think of more ways to meme – suggestions welcome!” added Grimes.

She also mentioned in the post that she is still “living with e,” referencing her nickname for her former boyfriend.

Earlier in 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had announced the birth of his first newborn son with the singer.

He had confirmed the news on social media after a fan requested an update of the baby, Musk names his baby son ‘X Æ A-12’.

Musk had uploaded the first glimpse of his newborn, holding him in his arms. Later posting a few other pictures of his baby with several fake face tattoos. “Never too young for some ink haha,” he had mentioned.

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