Amazon to make up for laying off employees unfairly
Amazon to make up for laying off employees unfairly

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is reportedly avoiding an unnecessarily lengthy court hearing and settling things on its own after it fired two of its employees for speaking out against the company, last year.

Maren Costa and Emily Cunningham publicly criticized the company for neither taking care of its employees’ healthcare, nor offering them necessary protection from the deadly coronavirus. Furthermore, they constantly pushed the company to opt ways to protect the environment and do its part.

According to other workers, Costa and Cunningham were the most prominent voices who urged Amazon to step up and combat global warming and break off business deals with various oil and gas corporations.

The company, after all the protests and sit-ins, decided to lay off both of its workers, last year.

As a penalty for unfair dismissal of employees, Amazon will now compensate them with lost wages. Apart from this, the company will now onwards let its employees exercise their rights by supporting freedom of speech and won’t take action against them in case they call out things they deem unfair and unethical.

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