LPG prices hit new peak
LPG prices hit new peak

ISLAMABAD: The consumers will face record all-time high LPG prices as notified by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for October.

The LPG reached out of range for the poor.

The LPG prices increased by Rs29 per kg, Rs344 per domestic cylinder, and Rs1,322 per commercial cylinder.

Now LPG will be available at Rs204 per kg instead of Rs175 per kg, domestic cylinder will be available at Rs2,404 instead of Rs2,060, and commercial cylinder will cost Rs9,248 instead of Rs7,926.

In hilly areas, LPG will be sold at Rs225 per kg, domestic cylinder at Rs2,655 and commercial cylinder at Rs10,215, when in Gilgit-Baltistan LPG will be sold at Rs250 per kg, domestic cylinder at Rs2,950 and commercial cylinder at Rs11,350.

In northern and several other areas of Pakistan where people are deprived of natural gas, and now LPG has just gone out of the range of the poor people.

Local LPG production reduced by thousands of metric ton per month due to closure of Asia’s biggest LPG production facility, Jam Shoro Joint Venture (JJVL).

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