Couple Goals: Falak Pampers Sarah with a Relaxing ‘Head Massage’
Couple Goals: Falak Pampers Sarah with a Relaxing ‘Head Massage’

Popular couple Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir is giving fans major couple goals with their recent video. Fans are gushing over Falak Shabir taking such good care of his wife during her pregnancy. The video of the couple is going viral on social media.

sarah falak

Sarah and Falak are avid users of Instagram as they share personal moments with fans and followers. People love how romantic Falak is with his wife. The singer has made an ongoing ritual of presenting a rose or bouquet of flowers to Sarah at the most unexpected times. Apart from their lovely photoshoots and antics on social media, the couple is always open with their fans.

Sarah Khan

Every now and then, the popular couple would share their romantic moments together on social media. Nowadays, fans are feeling ‘giddy’ that the beautiful couple is soon to become parents. Fans are anxious for Sarah and Falak to break the big news.

sarah falak

Couple Goals

Through out Sarah’s pregnancy, her husband has been a pillar of support. From decorating the baby’s room to providing his wife with a rose daily, Falak is giving fans husband goals. Fans and celebrities alike admire the singer’s commitment to his wife, even Gohar Rasheed praised Falak’s loving efforts for Sarah. According to the actor, Sarah is lucky as every wife deserves a loving husband like Falak Shabir.

Recently, Sarah took to social media to share a cute video with fans. Falak is seen helping his wife oil her hair. The couple laugh and are enjoying themselves. The video has gone viral on social media. Check it out!

It is lovely to see Falak caring so much for his wife Sarah. What do you think about Sarah and Falak Shabir’s latest video?

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