DVAGO pays tribute to Pharmacists on World Pharmacists Day
DVAGO pays tribute to Pharmacists on World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day is observed on September 25 with the aim of promoting and advocating the role of the pharmacist in improving health all over the world and to encourage and promote activities that advocate the role of a pharmacist in improving health across the world.

The physicians, nurses, and medical professionals have gladly added additional responsibilities to their roles and are working tirelessly every day.  

Just as much as any other healthcare professional, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have sacrificed, persevered, and adapted a lot in the wake of COVID-19. Pharmacists are providing impromptu services globally during the pandemic. 

An event was held in collaboration with ICI which was attended by prominent names in the field of Pharmacy who shared their thoughts and shed some light upon how pharmacists have been the unsung heroes throughout and especially during the pandemic.

On this day, all healthcare services engage in activities that encourage and appreciate the role of pharmacists all over the world in improving the health sector.

Present on the occasion as the Guests of Honor were Dr. Fayaz Vaid β€“ Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Karachi University, Jibran bin Yousaf β€“ Head of Pharmacy, NICVD, and the renowned actor Sarwat Gillani.  

Pharmacists have taken smart and speedy steps such as creating and updating drug formularies, addressing drug shortage issues, providing information to the public, and contributing to drug evaluation and clinical trials to ensure public safety. 

DVAGO has been playing a vital role in building up the community pharmacy in Pakistan. The efforts of the brand in making this profession a recognized one have made the nation proud. 

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