Indian exam cheats caught with Bluetooth Slippers
Indian exam cheats caught with Bluetooth Slippers

Ten people have been arrested in India for planning to cheat in fiercely competitive teaching exams using Bluetooth devices concealed in their flip-flops, police said.

Cribbing has long been a problem in India and, for Sunday’s government exams involving 1.6 million students in Rajasthan state, police had permission to snap mobile internet access while the tests lasted.

A foreign news agency reported that each slipper has a price of INR0.6 million.

More than 1.6 million candidates took the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers exams. The exam is mandatory for those who want to take teaching as a profession in the state.

It was held under tight security to ensure that there was no use of unfair means. It saw the suspension of mobile phone services in many cities and districts.

It all started when Rajasthan Police managed to grab hold of Bluetooth devices that were concealed in the footwear.

They had a mini-calling device that was connected to a SIM card. The candidate had to wear the small-sized Bluetooth-enabled device, which was not easy to notice, in their ear.

Investigations revealed that at least 25 students had bought these flip-flops from a gang for $8,100 per pair.

The information was shared with several other districts in time for the exams and many centres asked the students to remove their footwear outside the examination hall.

The gang was arrested after police got suspicious and took a suspect into custody for assisting a hopeful for passing the exam this way. The whole racket was foiled by the law enforcers later.

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