Resham to star in Faseeh Bari Khan’s directorial debut film Dafaa Hojao Tum
Resham to star in Faseeh Bari Khan’s directorial debut film Dafaa Hojao Tum

Actor Resham will soon be seen alongside actor-model Abdullah Ejaz Khan in the upcoming short film Dafaa Hojao Tum, which marks writer Faseeh Bari Khan's debut as a director.

Khan has written various television dramas and films over the course of his career as a screenwriter and is known for tackling bold and gritty topics. His past work has portrayed everyday characters that are re­al­is­tic, out­spo­ken and ec­cen­tric and deal with serious social issues in bygone eras. The writer's prominent works include dramas Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah, Faltu Larki and the commercially successful film 7 Din Mohabbat In (2018), which starred Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar.

Dafa Hojao Tum is a short film being directed by Khan and will premiere on YouTube.

In a comment to Images, the writer turned director divulged more details about the project. "It is a short-length film and Faiza Hasan is working on the project with me for our YouTube channel," he said. "When I wrote this short film, I mentioned it to Resham who is a really good friend of mine and she agreed to do it. Then I took Abdullah Ejaz for the project. It's been a really good experience with Resham."

Khan highlighted that releasing his projects on YouTube allows him to exercise more creative freedom than television does. "We realised that the kind of content I can't make for television, I can put up on YouTube. I have an upcoming short length film for YouTube, it is called Gulzar and tackles the subject of sexuality. It is hard to do this kind of stuff for television anymore. You can see the state of content on television for yourself.

"YouTube really helps us fulfil our inner satisfaction in this sense," he emphasised.

Khan is no stranger to censorship. His work Madam Shabana Aur Baby Rizwana was banned by PEMRA. Many of his previous scripts were brought to life by director Mazhar Moin with whom he paired up on projects quite often.

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