Azmaish Drama Last Episode – Public Reaction
Azmaish Drama Last Episode – Public Reaction

Drama serial Azmaish is Ary Digital drama which is written by Sameena Ijaz and directed by Fajr Raza. It is a Big Bang production. The drama has a stellar cast including Kinza Hashmi, Yashma Gill, Shahood Alvi, Laila Wasti, Fahad Sheikh and Gul-e-Rana.

The drama is based on  marital issues , which are faced by a widow when she remarries a man for the sake of shelter , the drama was appreciated a lot by the audience.

In the present day the final double episode of the drama has simply aired on Ary Digital by which a whole lot of occasions occurred from Shiza’s emotional outbreak, suicidal dying to the glad ending of Nimra and Basit.

Most of the fans liked the ending of the play. But many fans gave their opinion about Shija’s character. Fans thoroughly enjoyed Yashma Gill’s expression and acting and said that she appreciated it a lot with her acting.

Fans were of the view that when people need psychological help, they are provided with timely treatment. They said that the father’s brought up was so wrong, he made Shiza this much negative in her life. Fans said that in time counselling could have saved the situation for better. They said that the episode was fully emotional as Shiza’s death was not justified, they were happy with the end of Basit and Numra but were unhappy about Shiza, saying that not everytime the writer needs to kill a negative person.

Fans also said that the drama dragged on a bit and most of the writers in Pakistan mess everything up in the end.

Most people were of the opinion that a person who is negative does not always need death but sometimes he needs learning and psychological support. Fans said that there might be some more scenes of Nimra and Basit in the drama as they fell in love with the couple. Take a look at the comments.

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