Dollar touches new all-time high at Rs169.6, breaks previous day’s record
Dollar touches new all-time high at Rs169.6, breaks previous day’s record

The US Dollar on Wednesday continued its surge against the rupee as it created a new high for the second straight day, rising to Rs169.6 in the interbank market at the onset of trading session.

According to an update posted at 9:58am on Mettis Global, a web-based financial data and analytics portal, the rupee depreciated by 46 paisa against the greenback and was being quoted at 169.40/169.60 while trades were reported at 169.50.

"Due to the recent sustained rise in the dollar's value, importers have started booking the currency in advance, which has increased its demand in the interbank market," Chairman of the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan Malik Bostan told

Bostan warned that the dollar could become even more expensive if the State Bank of Pakistan does not intervene.

On Tuesday, the dollar had hit its previous high of Rs168.94, shattering the investors’ confidence in the local currency and exchange rate stability.

The rupee, which has been termed the worst-performing currency in Asia, seems to have opened the field for the bullish US dollar to move forward unchecked and erode the remaining value of the local currency.

The rupee has been losing purchasing power fast in the domestic market as well, causing inflation that has badly hit the general public.

On August 26, 2020, the dollar hit Rs168.43. Then it started declining and reached Rs151.83 on May 14, 2021. However, the greenback started rising and has appreciated by 6.6 per cent and 9.9pc since June and May 14, 2021, respectively.

The State Bank of Pakistan had indicated earlier that the dollar could appreciate during the current financial year due to an expected higher current account deficit.

Another factor that has accelerated the pace of buying of dollars from the open market is the deadline for surrendering Rs40,000 bonds. The government has fixed September 30 as the last date to liquidate the bonds. The investors who are liquidating the bonds are buying US dollars from the open market which has increased the demand for the greenback.

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