French motorcyclist visits Kohat
French motorcyclist visits Kohat

KOHAT: A French motorcyclist touring the world reached Kohat on Sunday to a warm welcome by the locals.

The tourist, Mr Pierre, was received by MPA Ziaullah Bangash and the people garlanded him during a tour of the bazaars.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion, Mr Pierre said that the world perception about Pakistan had proven wrong after he visited the country. He said that after meeting with people and seeing their impressive hospitality all warnings of kidnapping and killings had vanished from his mind. He said that Pakistan was a peaceful country.

The French tourist was given a tour of the main bazaar, Tanda Dam, and local eateries, which he enjoyed much. He was garlanded by people as he walked through the bazaars.

Quoting the tourist, MPA Ziaullah Bangash said that the French man had informed him that world impression about Pakistan was very negative. However, after touring the country he came to know that the perception was totally wrong.

Mr Bangash said that he had brought Mr Pierre from Peshawar to visit Kohat and become a guest of the local people.

The tourist had entered Pakistan from Balochistan in June 2021 after leaving his country eight months ago.

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