Father of Murder Suspect tried to dispose of Noor Makadam Body
Father of Murder Suspect tried to dispose of Noor Makadam Body

Islamabad police investigators have revealed the father of Zahir Zakir Jaffer the prime suspect in July’s gruesome beheading of Noor Mukadam tried to hide the evidence of murder and dispose of the victim’s body.

Mukadam, the 27-year-old daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat, was found beheaded at a residence in Islamabad’s upscale F-7/4 neighborhood on July 20, 2021.

Jaffer was arrested on the day of the murder. He was initially on police remand but was moved to Adiala Jail in the city of Rawalpindi on judicial remand in early August. His parents, Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adamjee, and three members of household staff are also under arrest for a range of charges in relation to the case.

According a detailed charge sheet filed against him by police investigators, Jaffer was in touch with his parents before and after the crime and had they informed the police in time, it could have been avoided. The charge sheet says the Jaffers had, instead, “abetted in the murder” and tried to cover it up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” the charge sheet quotes Jaffer’s father as telling him after Mukadam’s beheading. “Our people are coming, they will take you out from there and dispose of the body.”
A five-member team of counselling center Therapy Works, where Jaffer enrolled in a certification course to practice as a psychotherapist, reached the crime scene on Jaffer father’s request to “cover up the situation, conceal the crime and destroy the evidence.”

Jaffer, who is a US national and belongs to an upper-class family, had reportedly been practicing as a psychotherapist after enrolling in a certification course with Islamabad-based facility, Therapy Works.

The arrival of Therapy Works workers confused Zahir and he stabbed one of them. The man, later identified as Amjad Mahmood, was admitted in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, where he told the doctors that he was injured in a road accident.
“This all was an attempt to hide the evidence in the murder,” the police charge sheet said.

“A DNA report confirmed the accused had raped the victim, the forensic report confirmed the victim was not drugged or poisoned.”

Investigators said they are still waiting to receive forensic reports based on data from Jaffer’s phone and laptop from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Jaffer’s trial was scheduled for September 08, 2021 but the court adjourned it until September 23, 2021.

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