73-year-old Pakistani finds ‘honorable’ living, as food rider
73-year-old Pakistani finds ‘honorable’ living, as food rider

Rawalpindi : A 73-year-old food rider Fayyaz Akhter Faizi in Pakistan, who earned fame on social media after his video interview was widely shared by netizens, says he took up the job because it’s an “honourable” living.

Fayyaz Akhter Faizi, a former government servant, had invested in a mobile shop, which he ran with his only son, after his retirement from Pakistan’s finance ministry in 2003.
For fulfilling his needs, household expenses Faizi was forced to take out loans that soon jumped to Rs13 lakh ($7,737).

Though he had not reported to anyone for years since his retirement, Faizi wasn’t reluctant to jump back into the saddle following a shift in his financial circumstances.

“It is an honorable thing to work, so I was not hesitant to leave my retired life and get back to work,” he said. “After all this work, I have managed to pay off about Rs9 lakh ($5,356).

In response of his job and effort Faizi said it had always been overwhelmingly positive. “I got a lot of good response, goodwill and encouragement from everybody,” he said.
Food Panda said its aim was to “create economic empowerment and freedom in the country.”“Our platform provides freedom to work,” a company spokesperson said. “Fayyaz is a role model for everyone, who wants to earn a living by working flexibly on their own terms.”

Faizi’s video goes viral in social media, many people are encourage him and ready to help him financially.

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