WhatsApp now allows encryption of chat backups
WhatsApp now allows encryption of chat backups

WhatsApp has announced that they are allowing users to get their chat backups encrypted.

WhatsApp was earlier only encrypting the message from 2016. However, it was not supporting the encryption of chat backups. The backups were dependent on services including Google Drive and iCloud. However, the development will enable the user to get their backups coded before it gets transferred into storage services.

WhatsApp has had end-to-end encrypted chats between its two billion users for years now. However, users have had no option but to store their backups to either their iCloud on Apple or Google Drive on Android unencrypted.

Going through encrypted WhatsApp chat backups is one of the ways that law enforcement agencies get to access the chats of suspect individuals. Not to mention, hackers can easily access the unencrypted chats on a victim’s phone.

The users, after that, can pick either between manually saving the 64-digit key or setting a password through which a key can be accessed. used to access the key.
However, there are problems with the features as well. If we lose the key of the 64-bit encryption, then there is no way to recover the encrypted backed up data. However, there is an option to get the key reset

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