Lionel Messi ‘fell in love’ with Tottenham star over the summer
Lionel Messi ‘fell in love’ with Tottenham star over the summer

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Lionel Messi reportedly ‘fell in love’ with Tottenham Hotspur’s new centre back Christian Romero after playing with him for Argentina during the Copa America this summer.

The report from The Athletic revealed all about Messi and Romero’s relationship and even stated the 34-year-old’s fondness for the defender developed so much that when returning to the Camp Nou after the tournament, his primary aim was to bring Romero with him.

Spurs, however, managed to secure the signing of Romero ahead of the La Liga giants, and Messi himself eventually left Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain.

Romero only made his debut for Argentina on June 4 but stepped in to play a big part in their Copa America win, which was Messi’s first major trophy with his nation.

The central defender only played three games in the tournament but started the final and kept a well-earned clean sheet against rivals Brazil (Transfermarkt).

After seeing his performances for Argentina, Messi was reportedly desperate to get Romero’s ‘aggression and physicality’ into Barcelona’s defence.

Seeing Messi, a legend of the game, rate Romero this highly makes me very excited to see the defender get going in a Spurs shirt. Given he is now in quarantine it might be a while until we saw him start to get consistent minutes but patience is a virtue.

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