Pakistan plans to roll out 5G in 2023
Pakistan plans to roll out 5G in 2023

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom aims to launch 5G in Pakistan by 2023. The ministry’s 5G plan is based on the fact that the telecom industry has grown to $16.9 billion after acquiring international investments worth $1.2 billion over the last three years.

In a recent presentation on the sector’s performance to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the ministry has highlighted that for meeting the future requirements of digitisation across the country and the launch of future technological needs such as 5G, projects have been launched for “deep fiberisation’ by the Universal Service Fund (USF) to expand the telecom services and internet even in remote and backward areas of the country.

The minister also informed that during the period of 2018-2022, over 10,000 km of fiber optic cables will be laid across the country to provide high-speed internet to more than 1,175 towns and the union councils.

The ministry maintains that the upcoming spectrum auction for AJ&K and GB for next generation mobile services, will help improve the telecom and broadband services in these areas.

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