Ali Zafar Releases ‘Mein Ura’ Defence Day Anthem
Ali Zafar Releases ‘Mein Ura’ Defence Day Anthem

Ali Zafar is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, model, actor, producer and screenwriter. Zafar started his career as a music composer and gained popularity with his single “Channo” from his debut album Huqa Pani, which sold over five million copies worldwide.

He released a new single titled ‘Mein Ura’ to celebrate the “heroes of the Pakistan Air Force” on Defence Day.

The song has been uploaded on the Pakistan Air Force’s YouTube channel. According to the description, ‘Mein Ura’ is meant to “commemorate the victory of the 1965 war”.

Speaking about how his musical output has been fairly steady so far, Zafar explained, “I kept releasing singles and doing songs for Coke Studio, so it’s not as if my music hasn’t been reaching people. Even recently, I’ve released singles. But, I’ve made an album, and it’s a very different one.”

This year’s Defense and Martyrs’ Day theme is “Our martyrs our pride, salute to all the relatives belonging to ghazis and Shaheeds.”

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