Taliban and Afghan rebels claim heavy casualties in fighting over Panjshir Valley
Taliban and Afghan rebels claim heavy casualties in fighting over Panjshir Valley

Taliban powers and warriors faithful to neighborhood pioneer Ahmad Massoud battled in Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley on Thursday, with each side saying it had caused weighty setbacks as of late of battle in the last region opposing Taliban rule.

Following the fall of Kabul on August 15, a few thousand warriors from nearby state armies and the leftovers of armed force and unique powers units have massed in Panjshir.

Under the initiative of Ahmad Massoud, child of a previous Mujahideen commandant, they have been holding out in the territory, a precarious valley that makes assaults from outside troublesome.

Endeavors to arrange a settlement seem to have separated, with each side faulting the other for the disappointment of talks as the Taliban arranged to report an administration.

Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid said the gathering's warriors had entered Panjshir and assumed liability for some domain.

"We began tasks after exchange with the nearby equipped gathering fizzled," he said. "They experienced weighty misfortunes."

Notwithstanding, a representative for the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, a gathering of dissidents, said it had full control, all things considered, and passageways and had driven back endeavors to take Shotul area at the passage to the valley.

"The foe made various endeavors to enter Shotul from Jabul-Saraj, and flopped each time," he said, alluding to a town in the adjoining Parwan area.

The representative said NRFA powers had likewise killed huge quantities of Taliban warriors on two fronts since conflicts originally broke out before in the week.

"It has been demonstrated to the opposite side that they can't resolve this issue through war," the representative said concerning the Taliban's misfortunes.

The two sides gave shifting figures to different's losses, without offering proof. It was impractical to check the quantities of warriors on either side killed.

The Taliban say the Panjshir valley is encircled on each of the four sides and an agitator triumph is unthinkable. The renegades say they will won't give up.

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