Putin says US presence in Afghanistan ended in ‘tragedies’
Putin says US presence in Afghanistan ended in ‘tragedies’

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the United States' 20-year crusade in Afghanistan finished in "just misfortunes, just misfortunes".

The Russian chief has a history of censuring Western nations for attempting to force their qualities on non-Western countries.

Moscow has routinely hammered the US strategy in Afghanistan, which is presently constrained by the Taliban after their takeover this month in front of the American pullout on August 31.

Putin said on Wednesday that the US armed force attempted to "engrain their standards" in war-attacked Afghanistan for twenty years, which he described as a useless exercise.

"The outcome is just misfortunes, just misfortunes for those that did it — for the US — and surprisingly more so for individuals who live on Afghan domain," he said.

It is "difficult to force anything from outside", he said.

He was talking at a gathering with youngsters in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok to check the beginning of the school year.

Last week, Putin said Russia would not meddle in Afghanistan and that Moscow had gained from the Soviet control of the country.

He has likewise whined about Western nations attempting to put Afghan evacuees in Moscow-united Central Asian states.

Moscow has been mindfully hopeful with regards to the new administration in Kabul, saying it would not intrude in homegrown issues.

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