Report: Dolphins Emerge as Frontrunner in Deshaun Watson Trade Talks
Report: Dolphins Emerge as Frontrunner in Deshaun Watson Trade Talks

The Dolphins have allegedly arisen as a leader in exchange conversations for Deshaun Watson, as per Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson.

The Texans are searching for three first-round picks and two second-round picks in dealings, a group who exited the discussions told Robinson. The Panthers, Broncos and Eagles had recently been supposed to be associated with conversations somehow or another, per Robinson, yet on Saturday, The Charlotte Observer, Athletic and CBS Sports detailed that Carolina isn't investigating exchanging for Watson right now.

"Watson's authoritative right to endorse the exchange objective—which was approved by Houston possession in his last augmentation—has weighed vigorously in exchange openings," Robinson tweeted.

The news comes after the Texans were supposedly at a "stop" in Watson exchange talks recently as the group was purportedly not returning calls from different establishments, as indicated by FOX NFL's Jay Glazer.

Watson is confronting 22 dynamic common claims and allegedly 10 criminal grumblings charging sexual wrongdoing. Furthermore, he has spoken with the FBI according to the charges. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said in a question and answer session that the FBI reached his lawful group in April following public claims that one of the ladies suing Watson endeavored to coerce him.

"In April, the FBI came to us and disclosed to us they were exploring a matter with regards to whether one of Mr. [Tony] Buzbee's customers had submitted blackmail in the manner they were requesting cash from Deshaun for sure they would do on the off chance that they didn't pay it," Hardin said.

The public interview came after Buzbee said to League of Justice originator Amy Dash that the FBI met with him to examine the Texans' quarterback. Buzbee additionally said the FBI talked with a few of the offended parties.

"I don't believe they're exploring Deshaun," Hardin said in the question and answer session. "What they're exploring is the charges Buzbee has made in his claims. I didn't think regarding that until yesterday, and afterward I looked at it and it's valid. They are."

Indeed, even under the steady gaze of the principal claim was recorded, Watson was inflexible he needed to be exchanged.

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