Belgian Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel thinks F1 ‘got lucky’ with Norris crash
Belgian Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel thinks F1 ‘got lucky’ with Norris crash

Sebastian Vettel said Formula One was fortunate to keep away from "an alternate result" when Lando Norris slammed out of qualifying in wet conditions in meeting all requirements for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Vettel was enraged qualifying was permitted to proceed with when it began to rain heavier toward the beginning of Q3 and radioed his Aston Martin group that the meeting ought to be red-hailed because of the measure of standing water on the circuit.

Not long after his message, McLaren driver Norris failed to keep a grip on his vehicle on the way to deal with the tough Eau Rouge corner and collided intensely with the obstructions.

When recounted the warning at that point, Vettel said on the radio: "Yes? Well what the f- - did I say? What did I say!? Warning! Pointless."

Vettel was the following vehicle through Eau Rouge and he eased back close by Norris' destroyed vehicle to check the English driver was OK, with the two drivers offering each other a go-ahead.

Norris moved out of his vehicle and announced he was OK, despite the fact that he has been shipped off medical clinic for X-beams to his elbow, which he was holding as he left the vehicle.

Vettel, who said he addressed FIA race chief Michael Masi after the meeting, said F1 expected to make a superior showing in such circumstances.

"I think Michael [Masi] isn't glad for what happened either," Vettel disclosed to Sky Sports.

"It's in every case simple to play Captain Hindsight. I think we need to discover a way that we listen more to the data that we have. Inside the carport, it's actual restricted, it resembles watching out of a window. Three kilometers that way, I do not know.

"At the point when I went down to Eau Rouge and up the slope, it was a great deal of water and was requiring a warning. In all actuality, the meeting ought not have begun by any means. So I think individuals that were remaining on the Kemmel Striaght, they were in the downpour and perhaps we ought to have paid attention to those."

When inquired as to whether he resented Masi for not halting the meeting, Vettel said: "Furious… I believe it's truly challenging to [be]… it's in every case simple thereafter.

"Yet, the primary concern is that we gain from what occurred. It might have been an alternate result with the accident. I think we were fortunate that nothing terrible occurred."

Vettel added that he felt "huge" help when Norris flagged that he was OK following the accident.

Vettel felt Norris was feeble to do forestall the accident in the conditions.

"There were things we might have improved, it's smarter to be protected excessively than one time nearly nothing," Vettel said.

"It's acceptable that nothing occurred, that is the fundamental information, however it could've been an alternate result for Lando. I don't know there is anything he could've done.

"Obviously, we are in charge and you can say 'in the event that you feel perilous, box.' But it's kind of an unusual circumstance since everybody is in a similar circumstance and you would prefer not to get kicked out [of qualifying], you need to advance. That choice shouldn't altogether be dependent upon us.

"We deferred the meeting toward the beginning when there was less water so I'm not altogether sure why we simply didn't begin the meeting. As I said, it's in every case simple [to say] thereafter, yet the primary concern is it doesn't occur once more."

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