YouTube Finally Releases PIP Mode for iOS
YouTube Finally Releases PIP Mode for iOS

After a long wait, YouTube has finally released Picture in Picture PIP mode for iOS users around the world, although the new update is still only available for YouTube Premium users. After this update, iOS users will be able to watch YouTube videos in mini player i.e. YouTube PIP mode. Let us tell you that in June this year, Google gave this facility to iOS users. It started with America but now it is being released for everyone.

Advantages of PIP Mode
The biggest advantage of pip mode is that you use an app as a mini player. For example, if you are watching a video on YouTube and have to do some work in another app, then you can minimize YouTube. In such a situation, YouTube will continue to play like a mini player and you will also be able to do any other use. PIP mode has been available for Android users since 2018.

How to Use PIP Mode in iOS
The first thing is that you have to take a premium subscription to YouTube to use it.
After this, open the YouTube app on your iPhone and search for your favorite video and play it.
After that swipe up and press the Home button.
After this the video will automatically play in PIP mode.
Note- Currently, PIP mode support is available on iOS devices for testing till October 31.

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