US says ISIS-K ‘planner’ of Kabul airport attack killed in drone strike in Afghanistan
US says ISIS-K ‘planner’ of Kabul airport attack killed in drone strike in Afghanistan

The US military has said that it did a robot strike on Saturday at an ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) bunch in eastern Afghanistan, killing a "organizer" of the current week's fear based oppressor assault at the Kabul air terminal.

"US military powers led an into the great beyond counterterrorism activity today against an ISIS-K organizer," Captain Bill Urban, representative for the US Central Command, said in a proclamation.

"The automated airstrike happened in the Nangarhar area of Afghanistan," Captain Urban said. "Beginning signs are that we killed the objective. We are aware of no non military personnel setbacks."

The declaration didn't recognize the designated individual yet demonstrated that this could be the first of numerous backlashes at ISIS-K focuses for Thursday's fear monger assaults at the Kabul air terminal.

More than 100 individuals, including 13 US administration individuals and 22 Taliban warriors, were killed in the assaults.

ISIS-K guaranteed liability regarding the assaults, inciting a prompt reaction from US President Joe Biden who addressed his country on Thursday evening and promised to rebuff the culprits,

"We won't excuse. We won't neglect. We will chase you down and make you pay," the president proclaimed.

Biden additionally requested American military commandants to foster functional designs to strike ISIS-K "resources, administration and offices."

The assault at the air terminal was one of the deadliest in almost twenty years of the US-drove battle in Afghanistan.

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, said at a Friday evening news instructions that the aggressors were arranging one more assault in Kabul.

"The danger is progressing, and it is dynamic. Our soldiers are as yet in harm's way," she said.

The assault at the Kabul air terminal has incensed Americans who were at that point discontent with the Biden organization for Kabul's breakdown last week.

New York Times noticed that President Biden's promise to "chase down" the fear mongers answerable for the assault "had terrible echoes of alerts President George W. Shrubbery made after the fear monger assaults of September 11, 2001."

Late on Friday, the US Embassy in Kabul cautioned US residents still at the Kabul air terminal to "leave right away."

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