PMC MDCAT 2021 Positive Tested COVID-19 Applicants
PMC MDCAT 2021 Positive Tested COVID-19 Applicants

The Pakistan Medical Commission has issued Covid 19 Form for positively tested MDCAT applicants. Candidates who test positive for Corona virus and their test date is scheduled within 10 days from the date of Covid 19 test will not be allowed to appear in the test as per the scheduled slot. That form must be filled out and submitted in advance. Affected students have to submit positive test of COVID-19 from the lab including Shifa Laboratories (Islamabad), SKMH, Chughtai, AKU (Punjab), AKU, Indus, Chughtai, Zia-ud-Din Hospital (Sindh), RMI, North West Hospitals are included. , LRH (KPK), AKU, FJ Hospital (Balochistan), CMH Laboratories (GB) and CMH Laboratories (AJK).

Special MDCAT exam
The Commission has informed the students that MDCAT 2021 will be held on vacancy during the examination. If no slot is available, the Pakistan Medical Commission will conduct special MDCAT examinations after the deadline. Candidates are directed to re-verify the print out of COVID-19 positive test sealed by the said laboratory before entering the examination center.

MDCAT 2021 Schedule
According to the schedule issued by PMC, MDCAT 2021 will be held from August 30, 2021 to September 30, 2021 in major cities across Pakistan. Thousands of candidates had registered for the medical entrance exam. MDCAT is mandatory for students who want to enroll in medical and dental colleges. To learn more about MDCAT updates, stay in touch with and get the latest information.

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