5 Important Smartphone Sensors: You Must Know
5 Important Smartphone Sensors: You Must Know

When you talk to someone on your smartphone, the screen light turns off automatically, when you rotate the phone from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape mode by turning on auto rotation, the aspect ratio of the screen also changes . Have you thought about how this happens? For your information, let us tell you that if any work is done automatically in any electronic product, then the sensor has a hand in it. These days smartphones are launching with many sensors and in today’s report we will talk about some important sensors of the smartphone.

Proximity Sensor
When an object is near the smartphone, this sensor detects its presence. This sensor is mainly located on the top of the smartphone near the front camera. Usually, when you bring the smartphone to your ear to make a call or make a call, this sensor automatically turns off the light on the display of the smartphone.

Accelerometer and gyroscope sensor
This sensor mainly tells about the direction in which the smartphone is rotated . Whenever we are watching a video in a smartphone, we prefer to watch it in landscape mode instead of portrait mode, so that the video can be seen on full screen. For this, as soon as we rotate the smartphone in landscape mode, the orientation of the video playing in the phone also becomes landscape. It is called accelerometer and gyroscope sensor because two sensors are needed for rotation in a smartphone, in which the accelerometer controls its linear acceleration and the gyroscope controls the speed of its rotational angle.

Biometric/fingerprint Sensor
It is being used nowadays in almost all types of mid range and high range smartphones. With its help, the fingerprint sensor works through this sensor to protect the smartphone. This sensor collects data by scanning the thumb or finger entered in the smartphone. The second time, the same thumb or finger is placed near this sensor, it combines its information with the collected information to identify the correct thumb or finger.

Ambient Light Sensor
This sensor not only adjusts the brightness of the smartphone’s display according to the light, but also helps in automatically increasing or decreasing the brightness of the display. All the smartphones nowadays are coming with auto brightness control and all these smartphones have an ambient light sensor for this.

GPS Sensor
You must know about this sensor. It is commonly used in all smartphones. GPS stands for Global Positioning System (Global Positioning System). GPS is America’s navigation system. India has Navic Navigation System but it is being used in very few phones. Through this sensor, it helps to know the location of the device. This sensor can connect with many types of satellites to tell where you are at the moment? GPS sensor works only when there is internet connectivity in the smartphone i.e. if internet data is turned off in your smartphone, then this sensor will not work.

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