Taliban say they have retaken three northern districts seized by Afghan militias
Taliban say they have retaken three northern districts seized by Afghan militias

Taliban powers have recovered three regions in northern Afghanistan that tumbled to nearby volunteer army bunches last week, a representative said on Monday.

The regions of Bano, Deh Saleh and Pul-e-Hesar in Baghlan territory were taken by nearby state army bunches in one of the main indications of furnished protection from the Taliban since their capture of the capital Kabul on August 15.

By Monday, Taliban powers had cleared the areas and were set up in Badakhshan, Takhar and Andarab close to the Panjshir valley, as per the Twitter record of representative Zabihullah Mujahid.

Powers faithful to Ahmad Massoud, child of the counter Soviet Mujahideen leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, have set up a good foundation for themselves in the Panjshir valley, a hilly region northwest of Kabul which opposed the Taliban before 2001.

Massoud, whose powers incorporate leftovers of normal armed force and extraordinary powers units, has called for dealings to frame a comprehensive government for Afghanistan yet has vowed to oppose if Taliban powers attempt to enter the valley.

Late on Sunday, the Taliban's Alemarah data administration said many contenders were going towards Panjshir however there has been no quick affirmation of any battling.

Zabihullah Mujahid said the Salang Pass, on the principle parkway running from southern Afghanistan toward the north, was open and adversary powers were barricaded in the Panjshir valley. In any case, his assertion recommended that there was no battling for the occasion.

"The Islamic Emirate is attempting to determine the issues calmly," Zabihullah said.

Individuals near Massoud say in excess of 6,000 warriors have accumulated in the valley. They say they have a few helicopters and military vehicles and have fixed a portion of the shielded vehicles abandoned by the Soviets.

The accumulated power highlights the issues that might confront the Taliban as they combine their quick triumph.

Nonetheless, Western ambassadors and others have communicated doubt about the capacity of the gatherings in Panjshir to mount a powerful opposition given the absence of outside help and the need to fix and keep up with weapons.

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