Taliban have reassured won’t allow TTP to use Afghan land against Pakistan: Sheikh Rashid
Taliban have reassured won’t allow TTP to use Afghan land against Pakistan: Sheikh Rashid

Inside Minister Sheik Rashid said on Monday the Afghan Taliban had consoled the public authority that the prohibited Tehreek-I-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) would not be allowed to work in Afghanistan against Pakistan.

Reacting to an inquiry while tending to a question and answer session in Islamabad, the inside serve said some TTP individuals, for example, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad had been delivered by the Taliban after their takeover of Kabul on August 15, adding that the public authority was in "full contact" with the Taliban on the issue.

"The connected specialists there have been informed that the individuals who have done psychological oppression in Pakistan [are controlled].

"The Afghan Taliban have consoled [us] that Afghanistan's territory won't be permitted to be utilized regardless by the TTP," said Rashid.

He said Pakistan wanted harmony in Afghanistan since harmony in one nation was identified with harmony in the other.

The inside pastor's remarks come two days after the Foreign Office said Pakistan would ask the approaching government in Afghanistan to act against the TTP.

"Pakistan has been taking up the issue of the utilization of Afghan soil by the TTP for psychological oppressor exercises inside Pakistan with the past Afghan government and would keep raising the issue with the approaching government in Kabul too to guarantee that the TTP isn't given any space in Afghanistan to work against Pakistan," the FO representative had said.

The FO was addressed on the arrival of TTP detainees and reacted that Pakistan would "keep on restricting help for any individual or any prohibited gatherings that stayed engaged with psychological militant exercises inside Pakistan".

As indicated by a report ready for the United Nations Security Council in July, the TTP has around 6,000 prepared warriors on the Afghan side of the line.

The report had noticed that "notwithstanding developing doubt, TTP and the Taliban continue with relations essentially as in the past", adding that the previous upheld the last in tasks against the Afghan government.

Afghan departures and CPEC

With respect to's endeavors to work with clearings from Afghanistan, Rashid said in excess of 1,200 individuals including Americans had been emptied and in excess of 4,000 visas had been given altogether.

Rashid added that 50 individuals from the Afghan cricket crew had been given visas also and one-month visa-on-appearance offices were being given to negotiators and authorities of worldwide associations like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund

He said the inside service was likewise increase its ability on the off chance that more visas should be given.

The inside serve explained that Pakistan had no association with the circumstance at Kabul's air terminal.

"Individuals are anticipating that we should accumulate individuals from various regions and give them passage to Kabul air terminal yet this isn't our obligation," Rashid said.

With respect to outcasts, he said no choice had been made except for individuals coming at the boundary were being worked with.

Rashid further said that Pakistan had "no booking" on demands by the European Union and different nations to stop their planes in Pakistan for transport and different issue.

As to aftermath from the Afghan circumstance, he said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor's (CPEC) significance had expanded.

Naming CPEC the "jugular vein" of Pakistan's economy, he asserted there were "worldwide schemes" in progress against the venture however the public authority was focused on taking it further.

He said 40 organizations working under CPEC were being given security by the military yet late occasions, for example, the Dasu assault and Quetta's Serena Hotel impact flagged that "individuals need to play with the existences of Chinese who are companions as well as well wishers of Pakistan."

Rashid said he had guaranteed Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong of complete security to Chinese laborers, adding that the entirety of Pakistan's organizations were dealing with it.

Concerning of occurrences against Chinese faculty, he said a few suspects had been captured while others were being followed.

"We have arrived at the wellspring of the Fisher Colony occurrence too," he said, alluding to Friday's self destruction assault focusing on a vehicle conveying Chinese nationals in Balochistan's Gwadar region.

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